Guide books of Hornbill in Myanmar

Guide books of Hornbill in Myanmar

Conservation of Helmeted Hornbill including “Guide books of Hornbill in Myanmar”

Helmeted Hornbill (Rhinoplax vigil) is Critically Endangered (CR) species in IUCN Red List assessment. The Helmeted Hornbill is found in virgin lowland forest habitats in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Southern Myanmar and Thailand.

BANCA implemented the interview survey of Helmeted Hornbill information to local people and rapid assessment on it at lowland forest, Tanintharyi Region in 2019 from 2023.

The Helmeted Hornbill survey was conducted in Htaungpru Reserved Forest and the adjacent area of Theinkun Reserved Forest, Pakchan Reserved Forest, Lenya Reserved Forest and Ngawun (extension) Reserved Forests. The main objective is to know the Helmeted Hornbill population status, conservation and working close with local communities.

BANCA implemented the conservation efforts such as species monitoring and working close with local communities and Hornbill Guardians. BANCA has successfully formed Hornbill Guardians in Tanintharyi region at 2019.

In 2019, a total of 15 individuals Helmeted Hornbill and 194 individuals of other 6 species of Hornbill were recorded. BANCA was found that logging, wildlife hunting especially for monkey, forest fire by human and encroachment of plantation and road construction as a pressure of Helmeted Hornbill conservation in that area.

In 2023 BANCA was conducted the villages of schools in Bokepyin and Tanintharyi Townships for the awareness raising of Helmeted Hornbill conservation and other biodiversity conservation.

In 2024 BANCA also provided capacity building training for Hornbill Guardians members and distributed by Hornbill Guide Book.