Staff Capacity Building

Staff Capacity Building

BANCA ensures the organizational development by providing capacity building for staff with the generous funding from FFI for Conservation Resilience Fund.

The following training programs are involved:

Effective Communication Skills Development: To enhance the communication skills of BANCA Staff members and Volunteers and to equip BANCA Staff members and Volunteers with communication tools to effectively communicate at work and engage with external stakeholders including its beneficiaries.
Monitoring on the status of wildlife species is our regular work and GIS mapping is very important and essential tool in management of wildlife conservation. Thus, these are two kinds of trainings provided.

Basic Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Training: To enhance the staff about the knowledge and skills required for effective data management, spatial analysis, and mapping in the context of biodiversity and nature conservation efforts.

Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART) Training: To implement law enforcement monitoring using the SMART conservation software tool, and to increase the effectiveness of wildlife-focused law enforcement measured.

English Language Proficiency Training: To develop the staff for proficiency in four skills; listening, reading, writing and speaking to enable effective communication with various stakeholders from international.